Bye-Bye Fine Lines!

By now you have undoubtedly heard about Botox or experienced it for yourself. Many of our patients at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery are curious about this anti-wrinkle injection but don’t know all the details and why it will save your appearance. As our patients present concerns for premature aging signs, we provide a full skin care analysis to create an individualized treatment plan for healthier, smoother and younger looking skin. Botox is one of the first recommendations we make because it concentrates on one of the key factors that cause wrinkles—overactive muscles. These non-invasive anti-wrinkle Botox injections are made from botulinum toxin A which works within muscle tissue to calm muscle contractions and allow the skin complete relaxation for three to five months. If you want to say bye-bye to fine lines, these injections are comfortable, fast and produce quick results.

Add Botox to Your Skin Care Plan

Performing skin analyses for our patients saves them time and stress because we can tell you what you need to change in your skin care plan and how we can help you fix the issue. Botox solves many of these fears of aging far too quickly after our late twenties and early thirties. Based on the areas you need to work on, Botox will get rid of any noticeable wrinkles while working in the skin to repair damaged epithelium to slow the aging process naturally. Should you have other facial therapies such as laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, or PRP, Botox can increase these skin enhancements.

Areas that Botox treats:

  • Around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Brow line
  • Forehead (center and upper portion)
  • Around the mouth
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Around your nose

Start Botox Now!

There’s no reason to wait for major lines to form on your forehead or around the eyes to tell you when you should begin your anti-wrinkle injections. Dermatologists and anti-aging specialists recommend starting on your Botox treatment plan as soon as you feel or see any changes in your skin. The sooner you begin your Botox treatments, the more time your skin has to save healthy tissues and continue to recreate new cells. The additive growth factors produced by Botox strengthen with each application of the injection. Maintaining injections every few months will keep your skin healthy in these areas that wrinkle easily as elasticity improves and collagen synthesis builds. Keeping your wrinkles at bay has never been easier since the injections are fast and only need re-injections every few months or so.

Quick and Simple Injections with Botox

Coming in for Botox injections is one of the fastest treatments in the cosmetic industry that can reveal breathtaking results in one to three months following treatment; injections only take 10-15 minutes. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we take great care to perfect our injection techniques, so you look fresh and natural every single time you come in for Botox. The injection techniques we use are known for their seamless quality and comfort.

We encourage you to try Botox and make an appointment with our reception desk today by calling Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery at 651-493-8501.

Keep your Eyes Wide Open

Every cell in our body is open to degradation and damage as we age; our cells are smaller compartmentalized pieces to the larger puzzle that makes up our tissues. The skin is one of those tissues, and it’s the most exposed group of cells on your body, not to mention the most abundant. Whenever we do any type of skin care treatment here at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we always tell people that certain parts of the skin are more delicate than others, so they’re more prone to stretching or volume loss. The skin particularly under and around our eyes is the thinnest of all areas. Our skin care treatments that work with the eyelids stick to the gentlest of applications.

Now on the surface, these cosmetic treatments will ease some of these signs of aging, but when the tissues deeper to the surface lose their vigor, the skin starts to sag and lose shape. Many of our Riverview patients come to us after their 30’s and on with complaints that their upper and lower lids get in the way of their vision and cause them serious irritation. That skin and those eyelids are meant to protect your eyes, not to hinder your vision or cause your eyes to lose their screening from the external environment. So what do we recommend? Our blepharoplasty procedure meant to keep your eyes wide open and protected.

Blepharoplasty and How it Can Unblock Your Vision

We age, it happens to everyone, but how we age is up to us. Your eyes are one of the most important areas you want to keep clear, young and healthy. When our eyes begin to sag from the upper and lower lids, our blepharoplasty will help by removing the excess skin around the eyes that pulls down over your eyes and blocks off your field of vision. What happens to the skin and tissues beneath to cause this drooping of the eyelids? We said the skin was thin and when we age our muscles thin out too, we lose bone density as well. This means that when all our supportive structures around the eyes begin to shrink, fatty tissues creep into the area and push into the skin.

How We Do Blepharoplasty

This fat pulls and overtakes the area, and this is what we need to remove in addition to restructuring what muscle tissue you have to reform a stronger lid. The upper and lower lid are given the same treatment during surgery where we cut into the eyelid while our patient, you, is under anesthesia. These incisions we make within the eyelid are done in all the natural creases of the eye so no one will notice the scar. Once any excess skin that’s stretched out too far is removed along with these fatty cells, we can work on the muscle, pulling it back into place. This is all done, and you’re closed up with dissolvable stitches. We’ve magically pulled back the hood from your eyes!

The younger you are when your eyelids begin to droop, the more issues you’ll have with your vision, and we don’t want that. Blepharoplasty can be done on anyone that needs a lift or pull up in their lids. We recommend these beneficial treatments to any of our patients that suffer from drooping lids. If you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes, like minimizing the wrinkles there, we can combine blepharoplasty with dermal fillers and anti-aging injectables like Botox!

Call Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more about our blepharoplasty and anti-aging injectables at 651-493-8501.

The Lunch-Break Special: Botox

Busy lives, especially around the holiday’s, call for quick facial rejuvenation methods that will let you treat your wrinkles without undergoing invasive surgery. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, many of our clients find stress wrinkles appearing around their neck, between their eyebrows and around the eyes. Wrinkles are supported by high levels of stress, poor diet and lifestyle activity that neglects proper skin care for men and women both, age, and our muscles produce them. Dr. Schneider can help you reduce the appearance of these engraved lines in the face where crow’s feet, glabellar lines, and neck bands dominate as time flies. The promise we make to our clients is that we can treat your wrinkles in under 30 minutes with our lunch-break special—Botox. No one will ever know you snuck off to Riverview to tend your premature aging signs.

Why it’s Becoming So Popular

Botox was invented in the late 80’s by two physicians, Jean and Alastair Carruthers. Jean had patients with blepharospasms so she injected them with botulinum toxin and their wrinkles vanished; her husband was a cosmetic doctor and thought his patients needed something like that so they started injections. Since then, men and women have sought out the injections to smooth over their frown lines, and it’s been the top cosmetic treatment since then. Why get a facelift or blepharoplasty (eyebrow) lift when all you need is a little boost? There are so many reasons to get Botox and why it’s the most popular noninvasive treatment out there. Here’s why:

It’s fast

This treatment is a quick one, which is why we offer it as a lunch-time treatment. We have our patients in and out of the office in under 30-minutes. With a comfortable treatment, you’ve never felt this good about a visit to the doctor’s office.

No recovery time, at all

As soon as you’re done with this Botox treatment, you can go on about your day. There’s no recovery time, no waiting for your skin to heal or anything. There’s no bruising or swelling or anything.

There are no restrictions on wearing makeup afterward

Because the injection is done with such a small needle and there are reactions to it or anything to recover from, you can wear makeup if you like as soon as you leave our office.

Your skin will look smooth and toned

The muscle is immobilized as soon as the injection sets into the skin. Many of our patients notice their fine lines and fold smooth over in a matter of minutes. Immediate results with Botox!

Botox looks natural if administered properly

Depending on your skin or how many wrinkles you want to be addressed, we change the doses for each client. You’ll never look overdone at Riverview. Most people can never tell you did injections.

It’s affordable

Contrary to what they say about Botox, it’s one of the most affordable treatments out there. We know everyone loves it and should benefit from wrinkle reduction since it’s fast, safe and effective.

No anesthetic

Most treatments require a topical anesthetic to set into the skin before treatment begins, but Botox injections are so small that you barely feel it. Plus they’re quick so no need for anesthetic!

The average amount of Botox units will depend on each client’s particular needs for smoothing over their wrinkled skin. We usually begin with 20 units, but this could increase to 40 if you need more treatment around the eyes and forehead. Call Riverview Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation for Botox and have it done right afterward at 651-493-8501.

Stay Festive in Minnesota This Winter

Winter is just around the corner with Thanksgiving come and gone, but the fun doesn’t stop there with all the delicious food, travel and family time. This winter’s about exploration and finding new things that will become family traditions for years and years. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we want to show you a few things that we love to do during the winter months that you and your family might enjoy. Winter in Minnesota is pretty grand, and you’ll see why; it’s not just about snuggling up with a good book and some hot cocoa, but experiencing chilled adventures like never before. We encourage our clients to get out and get moving to keep their circulation and fun flowing since it does wonders for your complexion and health. Stay festive in Minnesota this winter!

Our favorite winter activities we’re so excited for you to experience:

Ice Castles

This particular event is one we love that comes around once a year when it’s ice cold outside. These human made castles are composed of icicle heavens that take weeks to build and grow naturally. It’s a combination of artisan work and the weather, where you can pop in and walk through magical icy caves, hop on slides and create memories. These ice castles offer a truly magical experience, especially at night when they light up. Ice Castles likely begins in January, so plan ahead and buy your tickets toward the end of December.

Explore Natures’ Gifts

Do you want to build a snowman? We know everyone loves playing in the snow and St. Paul will have a lot of it. Go outside and grab a pair of skis, a sled, anything you can to experience the beautiful snow this winter. Memories are made in the snow when we play with our kids and new love sprouts. Have you ever tried dog sledding? Anything is possible, and we have the terrain for it with rolling slopes, endless trails, frozen lakes and so much more.

St. Paul’s Winter Carnival

Who doesn’t love a good winter carnival with candied apples, caramel popcorn, and hot chocolate? Every year St. Paul offers a series of events that begin early January. Every weekend is filled with something amazing like ice sculpture building, winter skating sessions, foodie events, art shows, live entertainment and more. Check out everything there is to offer in St. Paul with our Winter Carnival here.

Game On for Minnesota Wild!

When it comes to hockey, we’re all about Minnesota Wild out here. Games are on now through early next year, so head over and see a game or two. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned hockey game to get you pumped for winter. The kids will love these impressive outings where they can grab a hot dog and dance on the big screen. You’ll laugh and cheer till your heart’s content.

If there are any activities we didn’t mention here, feel free to share them with us during your consultation with Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery. Don’t have an appointment yet? Well, get ready to look amazing at these winter events after your skin beautifying treatments at Riverview by calling us at 651-493-8501.