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Buying generic Cialis online: hidden aspects of ED

Key point: not only those couples who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) are often fraught with psychological problems. A dysfunctional erection may signal the presence of a more serious underlying disease. More specifically, medical expertsconsider it crucial toprovide an in-depth ED diagnosis. This disease is often associated with comorbidities that may not have been previously detected, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression.

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ED and medical conditions

The distress associated with ED can have a serious negative effect on the overall quality of patients’ life, as well as on their interpersonal relationships. Evaluation of ED should include a determination of possible underlying causes and identification of appropriate treatment after a full medical evaluation. Preserved and well-maintained potency is a strong motivating factor for males. Clinicians can make use of this motivation to promote better adherence to pharmacological regiment and advice on lifestyle improvements.


Diabetic men are more likely to proceed to more advanced treatments than non-diabetics. A healthy lifestyle can help you manage diabetes and improve ED symptoms. Although there are tried-and-tested options like generic Cialis online, diabetic men respond worse to the pharmacological aid meant to treat erectile dysfunction.

Heart diseases

What’s good for your heart is good for your sexual nonperformance. When ED strikes, there are multiple treatment options. However, oral ED remedies and heart medications do not combine well, while suppositories and certain injections cannot be used if you have clotting problems.

Prostate cancer

Although ED can be part of theside effects of prostate cancer treatment, erectile properties do not return in all cases. Penile rehabilitation and counseling can help both partners in recovery. Despite its widespread use, between 30% to 50% of patients who resort to sexual aids after surgery, stop using them within a year.

Properties of generic Cialis

This ED treatment comes in as a tadalafil-based formula. Its active ingredienthas vasodilating properties in that it reversibly and selectively inhibits a certain cyclic nucleotide in the penile tissue. During sexual arousal the local molecules of nitric oxide aretherefore released more abundantly, creating beneficial conditions for sustainable blood flow. Under the effect of tadalafil there is a distinct decrease in the tone of smooth muscle and a boost in the blood pressure in the penile tissues, which helps to improve engorgement for up to 36 hours. In itself the drug does not stimulate you in the respect of foreplay arousal, so you will have to have your usual means at the ready.