Kristi’s Story – The Clean Start Medical Weight Loss Program in Action!

Note: the following is a guest article by Riverview patient, Kristi Gavin about her experience with the Clean Start Medical Weight Loss Program.

The Clean Start Medical Weight Loss program at Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic is the best way to lose weight and KEEP it off.

I have tried several other weight loss programs in the past that had bars and shakes that the “counselors” heavily pushed during and after those programs. None of them ever taught me how to have continued success with eating REAL food and really educating me on the “bad habits” that can prevent me living a healthy lifestyle.

25 Pounds in 6 Weeks

Clean Start is a quick weight loss program, I lost just over 25 pounds in 6 weeks. It was amazing to see the weight drop off so rapidly. I ate REAL food the whole time – no shakes, bars or pre-made meals. The calorie restriction was balanced with the HCG injections and after the 6 weeks was over the maintenance is really SIMPLE.

I have always been someone who works out regularly and in my 20’s and 30’s this kept me in shape and I was able to eat what I wanted. But now that I’m in my 40’s working out alone doesn’t give me the same benefits. Since completing the Clean Start program I’m seeing my body changing in the ways I have always wanted it to, this weight loss program re-starts your metabolism so that your body is responds to diet and exercise the way it’s meant to. I feel stronger and have energy that I didn’t have before.

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3 Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

Employers are becoming more and more conscious of the importance of the health and wellness of their employees. A corporate wellness program can go a long way to improve the overall health and wellness of your employees. In this article, we are going to discuss three benefits of a corporate wellness program.

Keep Your Team Healthy & Happy

Our corporate wellness program utilizes the Clean Start weight loss plan to help your employees eliminate unwanted fat deposits. The program works to reduce cravings, restart your metabolism, decrease your appetite, and create a new normal weight.

Work with a Medical Professional

Our program is directly supervised by a medical professional (Dr. Daniel Schneider). This is a huge benefit that sets the program apart from others that are not medically supervised. The program involves the implementation of a strict whole foods diet, in tandem with hCG injections to control urges and reset the metabolism.

Results that Last

The Clean Start program offers proven results. More than 65,000 people have participated in the program and have seen the results first-hand. We accept HSA dollars and also offer financing with CARECREDIT.

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Jessica’s Journey with Clean Start Weight Loss, Part 5

Note: this is part 5 of an ongoing guest blog series by Jessica Joyce, documenting her preparations on the road to the 2019 Mrs. MN America Pageant. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Hi! I’m here to give an update on Clean Start and my pageant preparations. And since the weather is finally heating up (YAY!) and beach time is right around the corner now is a great time to talk about popular ways to help you reduce stubborn body fat!

The past two weeks I have been in the maintenance phase of Clean Start. This phase started off more challenging than being in an extremely rigid eating pattern. I introduced more carbs into my diet and noticed it took about two weeks to find the right balance of macros (proteins, fats and carbs) to maintain my current body fat percentage and weight. I also had a couple of meals where I went off of clean eating. When not eating clean I noticed my skin breaking out. I also experienced an increase in sinus issues and had less energy. This is a great reminder of why it is so important to eliminate sugar from my diet. My body feels better and I am in the right mindset when eating clean. I have six weeks left before taking the stage to compete for the title of Mrs. Minnesota America and I need to be focused and in the game!

My focus for the next six weeks is to tighten up my diet again and start back up with a Clean Start carb cycle. I will eat the foods listed in my first blog and go back to high, low and no carb days. I am also excited to get outside for high intensity workouts! My favorite outdoor workout is running the steep staircase and hills in Stillwater! This creates the ultimate burn!

I have great results by eating clean and getting regular exercise. If you eat clean, exercise regularly and still struggle with stubborn fat in certain areas there are a couple non-invasive procedures that may be great options for you.


CoolSculpting, also called cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive FDA approved medical procedure that freezes and kills fat. CoolSculpting is not for weight loss. It is a treatment to reduce fat once a patient is at or close to their ideal body weight. What is great about this treatment is that it is customized to each patient’s body since we all store fat in different areas. Commonly treated areas include: under the chin/below the jaw line, abdomen, flanks, outer thighs, inner thighs, bra fat, upper arm and banana roll (that lovely area under the glutes).

Allergan notes patients can expect up to a 20-25 percent reduction in fat after each CoolSculpting treatment. It takes about 30-45 days on average to see results, although, for some it may take up to 90 days to see the full effect.

Each treatment takes 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on the area being treated. It is possible for a patient to have multiple areas treated at once. A patient will typically need 4 treatments in each area to see desired results. Since CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure there is no down time and a patient can typically return to their normal activities immediately following treatment.


Exilis is another procedure offered at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery. Exilis is a non-invasive fat loss and skin tightening treatment that can be used in combination with CoolSculpting. Exilis is also a good adjunct therapy after some facial surgeries and can be used to treat mild fine lines and wrinkles. For optimal results 4-6 sessions are generally needed.

CoolSculpting and Exilis are great options to look and feel amazing-  whether that is feeling more confident for a day at the beach or wanting to fit into your favorite skinny jeans for a night on the town!

Dr. Schneider is currently running a great springtime special. Save $200 on each CoolSculpting treatment when you buy 4 or more!Call Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a complementary consultation and learn how you can best accomplish your body contouring goals!

Bradley Traynor of myTalk Endorses Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery & Total Body Aesthetics

Helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals is our primary goal at Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic. Nothing makes us happier than a patient who is pleased with our services. In this article, we’d like to feature one of our patients – who happens to be a local celebrity – Bradley Traynor of myTalk 107.1!

Bradley Traynor of myTalk 107.1

Bradley had Botox to forehead and eyebrow region with filler injection of juvederm. The results speak for themselves!

Patient Testimonial

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what Bradley had to say about the care he received at our clinic:

“Dr. Schneider and his staff will help find the best treatments to help you reach your goal. They offer a better way to the best you!”

-Bradley Traynor

Cosmetic Clinic in St. Paul, MN

If you’re interested in refreshing and refining your fine lines like Bradley, reach out to us at Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic today! We offer a wide range of cosmetic services to our patients – from non-invasive options like Botox, to surgical options like rhinoplasty, and more! Dr. Daniel Schneider is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience providing care to patients in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. Contact us today at Riverview Facial Plastic in St. Paul to set up your appointment with our team!