When it comes to skin care, there are a lot of common misconceptions, half truths, and flat-out myths. In this article, we are going to debunk a handful of popular myths about skin care.

Myth – Over the Counter Products are the Same as Prescription Products

There are countless skin care products that you can purchase over the counter at your local drug store or department store. Some people think that these over the counter products are no different than prescription skin care products. This is not true. Prescription skin care products typically include higher levels of active ingredients, which can improve your results and the time it takes to achieve those results.

Myth – Your Skin Stays the Same Your Entire Life

Many people falsely believe that their skin type, and by extension the products they need to care for their skin, never changes. This is incorrect. Our bodies are constantly changing as we age, and we need to adjust our skin care routine to accommodate those changes.

Myth – There’s No Point Seeing a Skin Care Professional

With so many available products and online DIY solutions, many people don’t think they need the help of a medical professional for their skin care. But a medical professional can examine your condition, and tailor-make a skin care routine (complete with appropriate products) for your situation.

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Skincare Myths