Facial trauma is never an easy topic to discuss. Any deformation, paralysis or growths that occur on the face are extremely detrimental to a patient’s physical health, but especially to their mental state. Your face is how you introduce yourself, the first thing others notice about you. The insecurities that arise from any harm coming to your facial features are traumatic in themselves, but there is a way to recover and restore your own unique, natural beauty.

Facial reconstruction is a surgical procedure that aims to reverse or restore any trauma that has happened to the face. Whether it be facial paralysis, Moh’s surgery or skin cancer removal, reconstructive surgery can help to reduce the physical signs of trauma and in some cases completely reverse its effects.

Different Types of Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstructive surgery can serve to heal many different kinds of trauma. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schneider focuses on three different kinds of reconstruction:

Facial Paralysis: About 0.25% of the population is born with facial paralysis, most commonly affecting a person’s source of most authentic connection: the smile. This surgery to correct this condition is often called facial reanimation, as it serves to mend the lost connection in the facial nerves and give patients the ability to express themselves facially. In some cases, static reconstruction is performed if full reanimation is not attainable. Dynamic reconstruction, however, can often fully restore the function of the facial nerve. In either case, a patient is given back a balanced facial structure and the confidence to approach strangers and be received with warmth and kindness.

Moh’s Surgery Reconstruction: Moh’s surgery is a specific technique used to remove basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, or skin cancer moles, from the face. Because this technique requires the removal of layers of skin, it can often lead to visible scarring and what look like ‘holes’ in the face. Reconstruction following Moh’s surgery serves to improve the look of the skin following cancer removal and bring back a sense of balance and aesthetic to a patient’s face.

Skin Cancer Removal: Removing skin cancer moles and growths is a reconstructive procedure in itself, as it requires precision and care to avoid deep scarring and further facial trauma. It is extremely important to care for skin cancer growths immediately, as cancerous cells may spread and lead to far more serious cases. When treated early, skin cancer is completely curable, and the success rate of this procedure is very high. With Dr. Schneider, you can also expect quality results with very little scarring, as he is known for careful attention to detail in his surgeries.

Are You a Candidate?

If you have suffered facial trauma, have facial paralysis, have been treated for skin cancer or are seeking such treatment, you may be a candidate for facial reconstruction surgery. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to the care and attention of our patients; we want you to leave with confidence and a smile. You can be sure to expect quality care and treatment from our staff as well as Dr. Schneider from the moment you book your consultation until you are fully healed and recovered. Call us today to learn more about your options for facial reconstruction and to receive the support of the Riverview family: 651-493-8501.