Treatment: Blepharoplasty

What was your initial medical issue?

I had noticed that my peripheral vision was decreased and sometimes when driving in the dark, I actually might prop open one of my eyelids to see better. I also had noticed droopier eyelids as the years went on.

Why did you choose Dr. Schneider / Riverview?

I had an annual routine eye exam and mentioned this issue to my eye doctor. I had a formal peripheral vision test which confirmed that it was decreased in both eyes. My eye doctor recommended Dr. Schneider – he’s had other patients that have had excellent results with blepharoplasty. I must admit I did my due diligence and researched Dr. Schneider’s credentials: board certified in Ears, Nose, and Throat specialty. Facial plastics fellowship certified. And learned he had a lot of experience in this procedure.

At my consult appointment, I asked a lot of questions, all of which he patiently answered. I thought of some after I left that day and got a prompt response from him or one of his team members. I didn’t want the “overdone cosmetic surgery look” ala Kenny Rogers.

I am delighted with the outcome!

What treatment/procedure did you have done?

I had a bilateral blepharoplasty in September of 2017.

What did you like about the care you received at Riverview?

I had my procedure done at his Allina Bandana Clinic surgery suite due to my insurance coverage.

What advice would you give other patients in a similar situation to you?

Ask questions till you feel like you get the questions you need. Dr. Schneider and his team are very good at answering your questions and expect them! Follow the post operative instructions of icing, etc. I was careful to follow them to the letter and had a very, very easy recovery. NO bruising and minimal swelling! It was amazing!

I could not be more pleased with the results. Since I’ve had this done, friends and colleagues have asked “what’s different, new haircut?” when they look at me. They are stunned when I tell them I had this procedure. “YOU?”

Yes, I know this is done for cosmetic reasons by many – my main motivator was to improve my vision and indeed it did! I passed my drivers’ license renewal vision test a month ago to drive without my glasses because my peripheral vision was perfect!

I would have no hesitation to refer folks interested in this procedure to Dr Schneider (and have!).