Antabuse Over The Counter pills in the effective treatment of Alcoholism

Antabuse over the counterAntabuse Over The Counter – Few occasional cocktails or a couple of beersafter work is one of many socially acceptable ways of relaxation provided that alcohol never becomes a goal in itself. However, whenoccasional unthreatening drinking transforms into a major problem that may severely damage your health and lifestyle, becoming a harmful habit, it is surely time to seek professional help to save yourself when there is still time. In addition to psychotherapy, cognitive and motivational therapy, which focus mainly on the restoration of a patient’s mental health, physicians often insist on taking medications designed to minimize alcohol addiction. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), there are currently three prescription drugs allowed to treat alcohol use disorders in the US, the most popular of which is probably Antabuse or Disulfiram.

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How does it work

After you drink alcohol, it travels through membranes and blood vessels until finally, it ends up in the liver where it is metabolized by a special enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. After initial transformations consumed alcohol breaks down to acetaldehyde. This toxic substance is responsible for the unpleasant symptoms that occur after you consume an inadequate amount of alcohol. Under ordinaryconditions, liver cells catabolizeacetaldehyde into nonthreatening acetic acid. Of course, this metabolic transformation cannot protect your body from all the negative effects of alcohol abuse. After years of uncontrolled substance abuse, liver cells lose their ability to utilize harmful alcohol, which leads to further poisoning.

Antabuse is usedto decrease alcohol cravings and provide reliable results in the treatment of alcohol dependence over the long term. It blocks the said enzyme, which directly increases the amount of toxic acetaldehyde in the bloodstream. Therefore, each time you consume alcohol after taking this prescription medication you will experience typical symptoms of alcohol poisoning: flushing, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. The idea behind these pills is to battle alcohol dependence using alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Every time patients take even the smallest dose of alcohol, their body punishes them with severe side effects.

How to take it: dosages and side effects

Antabuse over the counterBefore ordering Antabuse online, make sure you know what to expect. Keep in mind that this medication allows you to treat alcoholism but it cannot make you stop drinking. As all other counter drugs used to treat alcohol abuse, Antabuse should be used in combination with counseling therapy and under medical supervision. It should be considered a reliable tool, which can help you avoid drinking alcohol by creating a strong association between alcohol consumption and feeling sick, rather than a magical pill that completely destroys cravings for another drink.

Antabuse over the counter pills can be easily purchased online, however, it is crucial to consult your physician before deciding on this medication. Do not take it if you are allergic to any of its components (and immediately discontinue taking the pills after discovering one of the symptoms of allergic reactions, such as rash, shortness of breath, or itching). Pregnant women, as well as women who are planning to become pregnant, should not take this medication. Notify your physician in case you suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, heart, kidney, or liver disease. Also, after you buy Antabuse online make sure to avoid mixing it with other medications, especially drugs that contain alcohol (mostly cough syrups) and blood thinners. The drug can cause side effects such as skin irritations, headaches, or fatigue. Always consult your physician before making changes in the planned treatment schedule. Do not stop taking it suddenly, since most healthcare professionals prefer gradually decreasing the dose.