At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery we understand that having a less than ideal shape to your nose can cause a bit of discomfort, but the fall season is the best time to have your rhinoplasty. We get questions like this all the time about best treatment times that will cover recovery and all the aspects that will make it seamless. We always tell our patients that while it’s a nice idea to have this surgery during the summer, if you have the time, we think the fall is the best part of the year to look into rhinoplasty because you don’t have to hide your nose! While everyone else is distracted by their holiday plans, you’re making surgical plans that will wow them once you’re done.But why specifically do we recommend the fall for plastic surgery involving the nose instead of any other time during the year?

Why it’s a Great Time to Get a Rhinoplasty in the Fall

Fall is the time for a change, and big changes happen here such as the weather and the holidays.All of these things are a big distraction for people everywhere which means it’s time for you to make your big decision to do rhinoplasty. There’s never been a more convenient time for some of our busiest clients to get the most out of their end of the year goals. Fall is a great time to get rhinoplasty because of the following:


The holidays are coming, which means you’ll have that time off already for the holidays, and this is a gift in itself. Most people that work steady, full-time jobs and have big responsibilities don’t want to take extra time off of work because they want to take advantage of the real vacations they’ve been dreaming. No one wants to spend their time in surgery and recovery if there are al-ready some days scheduled for the holidays you can use.

Recovery for rhinoplasty surgery usually takes about seven days to reduce swelling and bruising as well as a reduction in bandage use and draining of fluids in the nose. The traditional week is when we clear our patients to return to work, but with the standard holiday vacation time often being two weeks or so, this is the best time to see the best look to the post-surgical nose. You’ll have enough time to relax and recover comfortably without feeling stressed or that you’re using up vacation time you’ve worked so hard for over the year.

How it Can Affect Your Self-Confidence Seeing Your Family at Upcoming Holidays

It’s one thing to send out blank holiday cards with stock cartoons on them, but when your family is all about the family portrait, you want to look your best for it. When you have your rhinoplasty in the fall and have that recovery time to relax and recuperate, there’s also time to adjust to your new look and establish your comfort levels with your appearance. Your self-confidence will start to make itself known as you adjust and see the look you’ve always wanted in the mirror. When it comes to winter and all the parties to follow, especially the New Year, you’ll be ready to face the mall with a lovely glow about you.

Whenever we plan out these surgical procedures at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery with our clients, we want to make sure these procedures are done for the right reasons. We know that surgery is an emotional decision that our clients make, whatever the reason. During this time we talk through this choice because at the end of the day, while it will enhance your physical appearance, we have to do these things for ourselves. Think of a rhinoplasty as a personal gift to yourself to express self-love and care. Call Riverview today at 651-493-8501 to start planning, because the time is now.