Facial fillers are an amazing alternative for those that are worried about taking the steps to getting a facelift. Not every individual with wrinkles needs a facelift since that depends on age and degree of which your wrinkles are set in and levels of facial laxity. Some small nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures can have the same effect.

Alternative to the Face Lift

At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery we offer facial or fillers as one of the best nonsurgical procedures to minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Facial fillers are the latest facial injection that rivals Botox. Botox is injected directly into the muscle underneath the skin to remove the appearance of wrinkles at the core of their origin. Facial fillers are much less invasive than Botox as they are not directly injected into the muscle, but are injected into the space between the skin and muscle and are formulated from natural constituents of our own bodies, namely, hyaluronic acid.

Wrinkles and sagging often occur as a side effect of aging as collagen breakdown happens in the skin. Facial fillers help to add volume back into the skin, offering as natural a feel to the injection gel as possible.

The reason these facial fillers gels are preferred for minimal wrinkles is because the gel is easily manipulated, and can allow the physician much more control over the overall outcome. The best results can be obtained without surgery with these facial fillers.

Types of Facial Fillers

With facial fillers there are a few different types of gels that can have short-lived results, allowing the client to fully experience the feel of the treatment. Many plastic surgeons recommend trying as the first set of facial fillers since it only lasts about a few months as opposed to Radiesse that can last up to two years.

Areas of Treatment

Facial fillers treat a few of the top areas of volume loss including lips, cheeks, chin and brow areas. For cheeks, physicians prefer the use of Perlane or Voluma because they were created for a deeper injection into the skin, which is what the cheek area often requires. For the cheeks, depending on the outcome is recommended first and if the patient likes the look, Perlane or Volume may be the next step.

Depending on your specific needs, your physician will recommend a different gel option. There are several gels that are better for different types of skin areas to be treated. You should explore all options with your plastic surgeon.