Jump start your health today! In this article, we are going to discuss our “Clean Start” medical weight loss program – what it entails and how you can benefit!

Clean Start Package

With a hCG “Clean Start” medically supervised weight loss program you can lose up to 30 lbs in 40 days! Here is a list of everything included in our “Clean Start” package:

  • Medical History Review
  • Body Composition Assessment (BIA) — $250/value
  • Up to 43 day hCG program
  • “Clean Start Patient Package” (guide,cookbook, food journal, tips sheet)
  • Weekly check ups, measurements, chat (with staff)
  • Practice Patient Support (text, email, phone, Facebook)
  • 6 weeks of maintenance program support!
  • Metabolic testing at the end of program (RMR) — $250/value

Total collected fees for initial Assessment $1,199.00 value / Special Pricing $999 ($200/Savings).

What is HCG?

HCG is said to perform a metabolic recovery, when used with a low calorie diet patients experience NO HUNGER as hCG releases 1,500-4,000 calories into the body.

HCG is also said to break down body fat, causing rapid weight loss by mass even before registering on a scale. Simultaneously, it is said to protect the endogenous fat and muscle which the body needs to stay healthy, but also avoiding sagging and loose skin known of excessive of weight loss.


  • Metabolism boosting
  • Weight shedding
  • Medically supervised weight loss opportunity
  • Lose up to 30 lbs in 40 days!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Experts

At Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic, our medical weight loss specialists are trained to help you lose weight in an efficient and healthy way. We offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic options for patients throughout the Twin Cities. Contact us today to learn more about our Clean Start hCG medically supervised weight loss program.

HCG Weight Loss