What is the HCG diet?

It’s a short 21-40 day eating plan where you give yourself HCG injections each morning, have a list of foods you can eat and times of day to eat them, and limit yourself to 500 calories. This is followed by a 6 week period of a maintenance diet.

How much weight can I lose?

Men lose more than women. But on average people lose 1/2-1lb per day they are on the diet. I am on day 16 and have lost 17lbs. If you have a lot of weight / fat to lose you usually lose weight faster.

Aren’t you starving only eating 500cal?

NO! That’s the best part. There HCG accesses your fat stores and uses it as fuel for your body. It’s a simple eating plan to follow. And there are very specific rules. And no cheating!

Can I exercise while on HCG?

Not really. Walking 20 minutes a Day is recommended but no intense lifting or other workouts. Exercise can actually slow weight loss due to water retention!

What’s my favorite meal on HCG?

Chicken burger with cilantro, homemade mustard, cayenne pepper and garlic with a tomato and lettuce bun. (1 protein, 1 fruit (tomato), 1 veggie).