Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

Hi! My name is Kim. I’m a 32 year old proud wife and mother. I work full time in healthcare and have let my weight creep up on me over the last 5 years (over 40 pounds of creeping)! Bad habits and lack of time for exercise have caught up with me. I want control over my eating habits, sugar addiction and weight! I need accountability and results! I met Dr. Schneider through work and he could not say enough about the results from HCG medical weight loss. Here, I’m going to document my journey with HCG medically supervised weight loss. My thoughts, feelings, challenges, meals, grocery shopping, the best and worst parts of this dietary change. Ask questions, and if you think this is for you reach out to Dr. Schneider and his amazing staff!

HCG Week 1 – Prepping 

Prepping for my first day P1D1 (phase 1, day 1). The first two days I get to eat whatever I want while the HCG starts to work.

I’m reviewing the “HCG bible” and prepping my shopping list.

Meal Prep

Today I went grocery shopping for the start of my low calorie phase. Fresh fruits and vegetables and natural/organic meats from HyVee. I portioned all of the meat into 100 g servings to make cooking easier.


Day 1

Day one of very low calorie lunch- halibut with lemon juice and approved spices. Baby romaine with Apple cider vinegar and garlic salt.

Spicy chicken – 100g per serving. Tip – prep several days so it’s easy to make a good choice. Grilling is a way to add flavor without calories! I used ancho chili powder to make these delicious!

Day 3

It’s low calorie day 3 and things are going well. I had a bridal shower to attend for a friend today and I ate before I left and didn’t go off protocol! I was very proud of myself. Dinner was talapia and asparagus on the grill 145cal for both – I’ve been using ancho chili powder to add some flavor to my food. It was surprisingly delicious!

Meal prep for lunches this week is chili – lemon chicken, baby romaine salad with dressing made from apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, spices and one tbsp of strawberry juice with a little stevia to cut the bitterness of the vinegar. Oh and can’t forget my “croutons”- Melba toast. Mmmm.


Week 1 in Review

I have successfully completed 7 low calorie days of the HCG diet. And lost 11 lbs! And have 16 lbs to my goal weight. CRAZY!!! It’s going really well. My hunger only creeps up on me when it’s time to eat. Otherwise I really don’t feel hungry. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I have so many bad eating habits, grabbing a handful of this or that, even when I’m not hungry. I also eat my son’s leftovers which are often carb-rich foods. Having to stay on the plan had made me aware of this and I will continue to not graze after this phase is done.

Strategies I have employed to help curb hunger and promote weight loss include drinking lots of lemon water and 2-3 cups of black iced coffee. I make my iced coffee myself with a cold brewer. Sooooo yummy!

Other thoughts: I had sugar withdrawal the first 3 days – taking ibuprofen and caffeine helped a lot.

Spices and a food scale are a must for the HCG diet. I like to add approved spices to meat and vegetables for variety. You can give a meal an Italian or Mexican flare by adding the right spices. Yummmmm.

The food scale is easy to use and keeps me honest with myself. It makes Meal prepping quick and easy.

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