Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

After an amazing showing in week one, week two has had a few bumps in the road. The losses are still coming but I have struggles with water retention. Saturday I was not feeling well and drank low sodium chicken broth – that was a no no. I didn’t lose weight for three days. Finally, on day four I’ve dropped 1.4 lbs. Lesson learned – no broth. Every person on their HCG journey has different things that will make them stall their weight loss. I’m just glad it’s heading in the right direction again!

Let’s talk about water – the best two ways I have found to consume more water is to put lemon in it and to get a new water bottle or cup that you love. I prefer one with a straw simply because I feel I can drink more water more quickly. I also make sure that when I’m drinking my black iced coffee I drink water at the same time. The HCG plan states you should consume 64oz of water a day. I try to consume 1oz per pound of body weight. And I always drink 16-24oz before a meal.

Some of my Food this Week!

After a stall last week I went really simple for a few days. Mixed greens with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, garlic grilled chicken and Melba toast.

Salad with grilled steak was a quick weeknight meal. Used one of my fruits and made strawberry-lemon dressing and put a few berries on top.

Blended iced coffee. Ice blended with concentrated-homemade cold brew. I highly recommend black iced coffee, I like it way better than hot black coffee.


Tomato Mexican chicken burger with homemade mustard (two different days). Farmers market tomatoes are so tasty this time of year. Minnesota produce is so great in the summer.