Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

HCG – Week 1 of Phase 3

I have now been off HCG for 12 days and I’m really enjoying getting to eat a larger variety of foods. My greatest challenge thus far is eating enough. I have been keeping it pretty basic, simply adding a few new meats like salmon and lean pork as well as vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Things have been going well. I have maintained my weight and only cheated once when I ate 2 small low carb tortilla chips and guacamole. I then switched to dipping pork rinds in my guac. Delicious and no carbs! Note: must be eaten in small quantities.

I’ve also increased my activity and I feel amazing! Running is much easier on my joints and I have been slowly increasing my weights at the gym. I have so much energy, and my sleep has been very restful. Overall I feel great!


Buffalo cauliflower roasted in the oven. This will be a new go-to family favorite.

Flank steak and BBQ Brussel sprouts.

What I didn’t eat – frosted brownie


If you think you need a change and want something to jump start your weight loss, post below or send a private message. This program is worth it, it has simple rules that when followed yield great results.