So many people, all over the world, are looking to increase the dramatic effects of their lashes. There are mascaras that promise to boost, lengthen, thicken and enhance the look of your lashes. Depending on your particular eyelash effect and type of growth, these over the counter quick fix options are nothing but money traps. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we provide a prescribed solution that helps you get to the core of your eyelash growth issue. Your eyelashes may need a medication that helps invigorate the hair follicles to begin growing thicker, longer lashes.

Eyelash Conditions

Madarosis or eyelash loss is a condition that occurs randomly in individuals and can be difficult to deal with. People that experience this condition can have little to high amounts of eyelash loss that could cost them the loss of all their lashes completely. This particular condition can affect anyone and is frustrating but can be treated with Latisse.

Factors Contributing to Madarosis:

  • Menopause
  • Eye infections caused by bacteria
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Specific medications

Hypotrichosis is an eyelash growth condition that results in the patchy growth of hair that is never consistent. This condition is difficult because although some eyelash growth happens, it’s not necessarily the growth you want. Men are more prone to this condition during their late twenties. Latisse treats patchy growth by helping your hair follicles to begin growth in all those in between spaces.

Hypotrichosis Causes:

  • Skin infections
  • Genetics
  • Inflamed hair follicles
  • Fungal infections
  • Demodex (skin worms)

Our solution

Latisse is the best medically prescribed eyelash growth solution on the market. We love this product because it allows our patients to fully engage their lash growth and can be used even if you wear contact lenses and it’s absolutely safe. The lashes can be medicated at the core of the hair follicle, and we often recommend that a medical grade facial is scheduled to cleanse the skin of any bacterial infection.

The Latisse treatment can be done at home every night before bed, unlike many other painful procedures that require constant visits to a clinic. The active ingredient Bimatoprost will treat the lashes over time and cause of the lashes with thickened hair follicles and darkening of lighter hair.

The eyelashes are like the pearly gates leading to your eyes. When bold, long lashes are in place, your eyes are livened and the overall look of your face is brightened. Get sexy, long eyelashes using this medical grade growth solution will help get your lashes back. Don’t worry about abnormal lash growth anymore. Contact us at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your appointment to get started today.