Individualized care is important in any field of medicine – especially in plastic surgery. In this article, we are going to talk about why individualized care is so important when it comes to plastic surgery.

Information Overload

Perhaps the greatest thing about the internet is that it allows pretty much anyone to access a plethora of information that they otherwise wouldn’t have had at their fingertips. This is especially true in the realm of medical information. Go ahead and do a Google search for “Rhinoplasty” and you will find millions of results to piece through. This unfettered access to information can be a double-edged sword though. With so much information to choose from, it can be difficult to separate the truth from misinformation.

The Importance of an Individual Consultation

Each and every patient is different and needs to be approached differently. In medicine, there is no “one size fits all” solution that will work for every single patient. This is true is every sub-specialty – including plastic surgery, which is particularly reliant on the subjective desires of each individual patient. That’s why it’s essential to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon when you are considering a cosmetic procedure. A facial plastic specialist can examine your unique situation and offer recommendations tailored to fit your needs.

Twin Cities Plastic Surgery Clinic

Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic is a cosmetic clinic offering a wide range of both surgical and non-invasive treatment options. From medically supervised weight loss to rhinoplasties, we have the treatment options to help you look and feel more youthful! Dr. Schneider is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience helping Minnesota patients. Contact Dr. Schneider and the rest of the team at Riverview to set up your appointment today! Our primary clinic is located in St. Paul, but we provide care to patients throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding area.

Plastic Surgery Individualized Care