What are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are done with synthetic, biocompatible materials that can be used for long-term augmentation of areas like the cheeks, lips and chin. These implants effectively bring symmetry and balance to the face, all while enhancing specific facial features. Facial implants can be used to restore a youthful, glowing profile, or to correct facial deformities caused by congenital defects or injuries.

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Why are Facial Implants Recommended?

Dr. Schneider might perform facial implant surgery for any of the following concerns:

  • Cheekbones that lack definition and volume
  • Loss of facial volume through the aging process
  • A weak chin that does not support other facial features
  • Disproportionate or weak jawline
  • Loss of volume under the eye, giving you a worn appearance
  • Facial malformation due to birth defects or injury

Facial implants may be combined with other procedures, such as a rhinoplasty to further enhance balance and harmony within the facial contour.

Facial Implant Surgeon in St. Paul, MN

Dr. Schneider performs facial implant surgery within his office under intravenous sedation. This procedure can be tailored to achieve the desired outcome of the individual and recovery time is minimal. To learn more about this procedure, contact Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery.

*Individual results may vary.

How does a facial implant procedure work?

Dr. Schneider typically performs facial implant surgery using intravenous sedation although local anesthesia may be considered in some cases. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis, which means you can return home the same day as your procedure. Facial implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate every facial profile and desired result.

Incisions for facial implants vary based on the specific location for the implants. Dr. Schneider will take care to place incisions in areas to minimize visible scarring. Incisions are typically in the mouth area for scarless surgery. Facial implant surgery may take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, based on the specific procedure to be performed and number of implants required.

What is recovery like?

After facial implant surgery, you are likely to have some bruising, swelling and discomfort. Oral pain medication will be prescribed, and cold compresses or ice packs can be used to keep swelling to a minimum. You will be advised to rest with your head in an elevated position for the first few days, to minimize swelling as well. Most patients return to regular activities within one to two weeks after their procedure.

What can I expect from my facial implant results?

Results of facial implant surgery can be seen right away, although full results will continue to improve as the surgical area heals completely. Facial implant surgery is a long-lasting way to enhance your facial profile and bring balance to your features.