Winter is just around the corner with Thanksgiving come and gone, but the fun doesn’t stop there with all the delicious food, travel and family time. This winter’s about exploration and finding new things that will become family traditions for years and years. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we want to show you a few things that we love to do during the winter months that you and your family might enjoy. Winter in Minnesota is pretty grand, and you’ll see why; it’s not just about snuggling up with a good book and some hot cocoa, but experiencing chilled adventures like never before. We encourage our clients to get out and get moving to keep their circulation and fun flowing since it does wonders for your complexion and health. Stay festive in Minnesota this winter!

Our favorite winter activities we’re so excited for you to experience:

Ice Castles

This particular event is one we love that comes around once a year when it’s ice cold outside. These human made castles are composed of icicle heavens that take weeks to build and grow naturally. It’s a combination of artisan work and the weather, where you can pop in and walk through magical icy caves, hop on slides and create memories. These ice castles offer a truly magical experience, especially at night when they light up. Ice Castles likely begins in January, so plan ahead and buy your tickets toward the end of December.

Explore Natures’ Gifts

Do you want to build a snowman? We know everyone loves playing in the snow and St. Paul will have a lot of it. Go outside and grab a pair of skis, a sled, anything you can to experience the beautiful snow this winter. Memories are made in the snow when we play with our kids and new love sprouts. Have you ever tried dog sledding? Anything is possible, and we have the terrain for it with rolling slopes, endless trails, frozen lakes and so much more.

St. Paul’s Winter Carnival

Who doesn’t love a good winter carnival with candied apples, caramel popcorn, and hot chocolate? Every year St. Paul offers a series of events that begin early January. Every weekend is filled with something amazing like ice sculpture building, winter skating sessions, foodie events, art shows, live entertainment and more. Check out everything there is to offer in St. Paul with our Winter Carnival here.

Game On for Minnesota Wild!

When it comes to hockey, we’re all about Minnesota Wild out here. Games are on now through early next year, so head over and see a game or two. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned hockey game to get you pumped for winter. The kids will love these impressive outings where they can grab a hot dog and dance on the big screen. You’ll laugh and cheer till your heart’s content.

If there are any activities we didn’t mention here, feel free to share them with us during your consultation with Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery. Don’t have an appointment yet? Well, get ready to look amazing at these winter events after your skin beautifying treatments at Riverview by calling us at 651-493-8501.