What to Know About Smoking & Plastic Surgery

Everyone knows that smoking is an unhealthy habit. Not only can smoking eventually kill you, it can also manifest in the form of unseemly facial wrinkles and creases. In this article, we are going to talk about smoking and its potential impact on your plastic surgery procedure.

Plastic Surgery Can Reduce the Signs of Smoking

Over time, smoking can cause a host of medical issues – from lung disease to facial wrinkles. A plastic surgery procedure may be able to help reduce the signs of smoking like wrinkled facial skin. That being said, smoking and plastic surgery do not mix well. Smoking during your surgical recovery can slow down your body’s internal ability to heal by depriving it of oxygen and reducing circulation. In turn, this can increase the risk of complications after a facial plastic procedure.

Follow Your Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

Your plastic surgeon will likely request that you stop smoking in preparation for your procedure. The most important thing to remember is that you need to follow your doctor’s pre-op and post-op instructions. If your surgeon asks you to refrain from smoking immediately before or after your procedure, be sure to do it. Failure to abide by your doctor’s instructions can significantly change the outcome and success of your procedure.

Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Your Nose, Knows

Facial symmetry is one of the most cherished physical attributes when beauty is measured. Your nose has a lot to do with that symmetry since the nose can sometimes be much larger or smaller than the rest of your facial features, by dipping farther forward or sitting wider than you would like, which can offset your face. Dr. Schneider will work with you to change these cosmetic issues so that you can finally feel confident in the way you look. While these aesthetic concerns are about half of the reasons why you might turn to nose surgery, functional issues are another. To change the way you live your life and how you feel about your facial symmetry, rhinoplasty is an excellent choice. When weighing out your options your nose, knows so why wait?

How You Know It’s Time to Get a Rhinoplasty

No matter whatever way you wear your hair or how much makeup and accessories you add to your outfit, nothing will hide the shape and placement of your nose. If you’ve spent most of your life covering up your nose, then it might be time to think about going in for a rhinoplasty consultation to see if it’s right for you. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons over 200,000 rhinoplasties are done each year which tells you it’s a common choice many people make.

Rhinoplasty is a routine procedure that when it comes to the cosmetic aspects of the surgery, Dr. Schneider has had years of experience in perfecting the exact unique contouring to bring out the best side of your nose. Your nose shouldn’t keep you from taking photos or going out with friends. We know that is can be difficult to feel entirely comfortable in your skin when your nose sits front and center in everything you do. Dr. Schneider creates rhinoplasty plans to take into account your personal preferences for the look of your nose and scientific measurements that will support proportionality and artistry.

Leaning More Toward Functionality Issues than Cosmetic

Since we know that cosmetic rhinoplasty is common for our patients, we also stress the ability of rhinoplasty to support functional enhancements. We correct breathing problems with rhinoplasty, and it can make your life easier by allowing more oxygen to come through obstructed airways. Thinking about the shape of the nose and how you could be experiencing these breathing blocks, we point to the construction of the nostrils, the bridge of the nose and any interior structures that can narrow the airway.

A deviated septum is one of these structural issues that’s caused by cartilage malformation in the area between the nostrils so that one nostril may be smaller than the other. When the septum is offset, we incorporate this adjustment into your cosmetic shaping. The bridge of the nose may have previously been injured or protrude inward from birth as well, but we can reconstruct the bridge so that it’s more open and appears even without any depressions or humps. All of these adaptations in the excess skin or malformed cartilage will improve the function of your nose.

Whatever your primary concern with your nose, at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we can help you achieve your goals to breathe and feel better about your appearance. Call Riverview today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Schneider at 651-493-8501.