Jessica’s Journey with Clean Start Weight Loss, Part 6

Note: this is part 5 of an ongoing guest blog series by Jessica Joyce, documenting her preparations on the road to the 2019 Mrs. MN America Pageant. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

Hi! I’m back to talk about clean eating, fitness, and pageant preparations. This Saturday I will be taking the stage to compete for the title of Mrs. Minnesota America and am in final push mode!

The past few months have been transformative. I have gained knowledge and acquired skills that have helped me become the best version of myself. I have been able to tap into my passion for nutrition and fitness and have loved documenting my journey!

Clean Start and Fitness

The past month with Clean Start I have been following a carb cycle of two low carb days, one high carb day, repeat. I have been able to maintain my weight and body fat goals this way. I find it easy to adjust my macros when needed by continuing to keep a detailed food journal. My calorie intake has been between 2200-2500 calories. I find my weight consistently correlates to my body fat percentage which is why I am a firm believer in using the scale for daily progress checks. This week I will tighten up my calories and carbs in order to bring my best swim suit body to the stage!

Being consistent with my workouts has played a vital role in my maintenance phase. Lifting weights elevates my metabolism and gives me the toned look I am shooting for. My go to cardio is still the stepper. I must spend a lot of time stepping because I have been nicknamed “Stepper Girl”.  While this competition requires more than looking good in a swimsuit; I believe a fit body represents discipline, vitality, and health!

Professional Skin Care

Let’s talk skin care now! I am always on the lookout for the best skin care products and have tried many over the years. Botox has been amazing for preventive care and reducing fine lines on my forehead! I have certainly enjoyed waking up with a fresh, well rested face. The correct daily skin care regimen is important to achieve optimal skin health and is also a great way to maintain and enhance the effects of my Botox. The past month I have been using PCA Skin CareTM, carried at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery. PCA Skin CareTM products have a greater amount of active ingredients than over the counter skin care which helps to improve facial skin tone and texture. These active ingredients stimulate your body’s natural collagen production creating younger looking skin. I have enjoyed using PCA Skin CareTM. I am noticing a smoother look and feel to my skin! I will keep up with this skin care regimen and look forward to trying out different PCA products!

I have had fun learning more about the exciting enhancements offered at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery! Thank you, Dr. Schneider and Amy, for supporting me through this journey. Clean Start progress checks have helped me immensely and held me accountable. I feel confident, calm, and prepared as I go into my pageant weekend. I would highly recommend Dr. Schneider and his team at Riverview to help you reach any beauty or health goal!

I will be back to let you know how it goes this weekend! Wish me luck!!

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 5

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

The transition to phase 3 (which in my opinion is the most important and difficult part of the HCG diet- but also the most rewarding) has been better and easier than I anticipated. I decided to do 6 weeks of phase 3 to make sure my metabolism is set at my new weight. I have been successfully maintaining my weight and I have added more diverse foods into my diet and been able to re-enter social society. Some of the things I stressed about most were going out to a restaurant to eat, a weekend at the cabin, date night and a girls night out. I’ve done all four during Phase 3 with great success, and without feeling deprived.

What Did I Do? What Did I Eat?

I followed the rules in the protocol the best I could and didn’t stress out when food options weren’t perfect. I tried to plan my food ahead of time by checking menus and picking out what I would eat. This helps prevent “moments of weakness” while holding a restaurant menu.

While road tripping and going to the cabin I packed snacks like turkey jerky, sugar snap peas, berries and pork-rinds (no carbs). I chose an unwhich at Jimmy Johns as a healthier option. I’m learning more and more it’s all about balance.


Grilled Brussel sprouts, zucchini and salmon


Egg, cheese and chicken sausage omelet, guacamole and homemade salsa

Fried eggs, bacon and avocado salad. Drinking sparkling water and BCAAs (Branch chain amino acids).


Fried eggs, Gouda, bacon and sprouted grain bread


Honey sweetened green tea with tapioca, viola and lavender from Cafe Astoria.

What’s next on my weight loss/ maintenance? Exercise, a big vacation trip and attending 2 weddings. Stay tuned! Again, if you are ready to make a change, send a message! I feel amazing, so should you!

How hCG Can Help You Lose Up to 30 Lbs. in 40 Days!

For a lot of people, it can be difficult (seemingly impossible) to lose weight. Even with diet and exercise, some people just can’t lose the weight they want to. If this sounds like you, hCG medical weight loss may be your ticket to losing the weigh you desire to lose. In this article, we are going to explain how hCG medically supervised weight loss can help you lose up to 30 lbs. in just 40 days.

hCG Medical Weight Loss – Get a Clean Start

The hCG medical weight loss program is a tried and true method that has helped thousands of people successfully lose weight using a combination of diet and hormone therapy. Here’s how the program works.

The first step is to have a doctor perform a preliminary assessment to gauge your overall health and to ensure you are a good candidate for the program. If your physician determines that you qualify, you will begin receiving weekly hormone injections.

Over the following weeks you will have weekly check-ins with you doctor. At these appointments, your doctor will administer hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injections to reduce hunder and metabolize fat.

In addition to the hCG injections, you will have to follow a calorie-controlled diet. The program comes with comprehensive meal plans and shopping guides to help you buy and prepare healthy foods.

Combining all of these elements helps to reduce your appetite, minimize cravings, and reset your metabolism – all with the goal of creating long-term weight loss.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Dr. Daniel Schneider and his team of cosmetic specialists work to provide unparalleled care to each and every patient. As a board-certified facial plastics surgeon, Dr. Schneider has the skills and experience needed to provide the care you need. Contact us today at Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic to discuss your situation and how we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Our primary clinic is located in St. Paul, but we work with patients throughout the Twin Cities and around Minnesota.

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 4

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

HCG – Week 1 of Phase 3

I have now been off HCG for 12 days and I’m really enjoying getting to eat a larger variety of foods. My greatest challenge thus far is eating enough. I have been keeping it pretty basic, simply adding a few new meats like salmon and lean pork as well as vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Things have been going well. I have maintained my weight and only cheated once when I ate 2 small low carb tortilla chips and guacamole. I then switched to dipping pork rinds in my guac. Delicious and no carbs! Note: must be eaten in small quantities.

I’ve also increased my activity and I feel amazing! Running is much easier on my joints and I have been slowly increasing my weights at the gym. I have so much energy, and my sleep has been very restful. Overall I feel great!


Buffalo cauliflower roasted in the oven. This will be a new go-to family favorite.

Flank steak and BBQ Brussel sprouts.

What I didn’t eat – frosted brownie


If you think you need a change and want something to jump start your weight loss, post below or send a private message. This program is worth it, it has simple rules that when followed yield great results.

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 3

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

As I near the end of the fourth week (27 days on HCG) I reflect back on all the things I’ve accomplished, what I’ve learned, what skills I’ve gained, and the 25 lbs of weight I have shed! I’m also at the point that I am transitioning to the next phase of the diet. The diet is not over. I REPEAT – IT IS NOT OVER. The next 6 weeks I will be without the HCG shots and need to eat to maintain my weight within 2 lbs of my weight this morning (calories increase at this point in the diet). To be honest, this task seems more challenging to follow than the strict 500 calorie diet. There are more choices where I can make mistakes. However, I am committed. This portion of the plan helps set a new weight and metabolic level for you so you can keep the weight off long term. I will continue with updates to both give insight into this part of the plan over the next 6 weeks, both for my personal accountability and to shed light on successes and challenges I face for the “stabilization process.” Wish me luck. What I am most excited about in this phase is more food and getting back to exercise!

Here are a few of the foods I have made over the last week or so. I plan to keep to the same eating plan, while increasing my calories to my basal metabolic rate. Slowly I will add in different veggies, fruits and dairy as well as nuts and meats. What I’m most excited to eat is avocado! I also plan to continue my food journal. This has been the best way to keep me accountable.

My go-to spicy chicken burger with fat free cottage cheese “ranch” with a cucumber lettuce bun. The plan says not to mix veggies but I have a few times and didn’t  have issues.

Strawberry picking was a fun family outing that was HCG friendly! They tasted really good.

Ultra lean sirloin tip steak with all the fat cut off, baby arugula and cottage cheese “dressing”- cottage cheese blended with spices and chicken stock

Great fresh organic meat options at Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market and Hy-Vee.

The Revol brand has become a new favorite of mine. The blends of lettuce and herbs in one pack make for tasty salads that aren’t bitter and they seem to have been on sale the last few weeks.

Please comment under the blog or send a private message to Riverview if you have questions or would like to learn more about HCG. Dr. Schneider and the rest of the team, they are amazing and coach you along the way!

HCG Diet – Common Questions Answered!

What is the HCG diet?

It’s a short 21-40 day eating plan where you give yourself HCG injections each morning, have a list of foods you can eat and times of day to eat them, and limit yourself to 500 calories. This is followed by a 6 week period of a maintenance diet.

How much weight can I lose?

Men lose more than women. But on average people lose 1/2-1lb per day they are on the diet. I am on day 16 and have lost 17lbs. If you have a lot of weight / fat to lose you usually lose weight faster.

Aren’t you starving only eating 500cal?

NO! That’s the best part. There HCG accesses your fat stores and uses it as fuel for your body. It’s a simple eating plan to follow. And there are very specific rules. And no cheating!

Can I exercise while on HCG?

Not really. Walking 20 minutes a Day is recommended but no intense lifting or other workouts. Exercise can actually slow weight loss due to water retention!

What’s my favorite meal on HCG?

Chicken burger with cilantro, homemade mustard, cayenne pepper and garlic with a tomato and lettuce bun. (1 protein, 1 fruit (tomato), 1 veggie).

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 2

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

After an amazing showing in week one, week two has had a few bumps in the road. The losses are still coming but I have struggles with water retention. Saturday I was not feeling well and drank low sodium chicken broth – that was a no no. I didn’t lose weight for three days. Finally, on day four I’ve dropped 1.4 lbs. Lesson learned – no broth. Every person on their HCG journey has different things that will make them stall their weight loss. I’m just glad it’s heading in the right direction again!

Let’s talk about water – the best two ways I have found to consume more water is to put lemon in it and to get a new water bottle or cup that you love. I prefer one with a straw simply because I feel I can drink more water more quickly. I also make sure that when I’m drinking my black iced coffee I drink water at the same time. The HCG plan states you should consume 64oz of water a day. I try to consume 1oz per pound of body weight. And I always drink 16-24oz before a meal.

Some of my Food this Week!

After a stall last week I went really simple for a few days. Mixed greens with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, garlic grilled chicken and Melba toast.

Salad with grilled steak was a quick weeknight meal. Used one of my fruits and made strawberry-lemon dressing and put a few berries on top.

Blended iced coffee. Ice blended with concentrated-homemade cold brew. I highly recommend black iced coffee, I like it way better than hot black coffee.


Tomato Mexican chicken burger with homemade mustard (two different days). Farmers market tomatoes are so tasty this time of year. Minnesota produce is so great in the summer.

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 1

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

Hi! My name is Kim. I’m a 32 year old proud wife and mother. I work full time in healthcare and have let my weight creep up on me over the last 5 years (over 40 pounds of creeping)! Bad habits and lack of time for exercise have caught up with me. I want control over my eating habits, sugar addiction and weight! I need accountability and results! I met Dr. Schneider through work and he could not say enough about the results from HCG medical weight loss. Here, I’m going to document my journey with HCG medically supervised weight loss. My thoughts, feelings, challenges, meals, grocery shopping, the best and worst parts of this dietary change. Ask questions, and if you think this is for you reach out to Dr. Schneider and his amazing staff!

HCG Week 1 – Prepping 

Prepping for my first day P1D1 (phase 1, day 1). The first two days I get to eat whatever I want while the HCG starts to work.

I’m reviewing the “HCG bible” and prepping my shopping list.

Meal Prep

Today I went grocery shopping for the start of my low calorie phase. Fresh fruits and vegetables and natural/organic meats from HyVee. I portioned all of the meat into 100 g servings to make cooking easier.


Day 1

Day one of very low calorie lunch- halibut with lemon juice and approved spices. Baby romaine with Apple cider vinegar and garlic salt.

Spicy chicken – 100g per serving. Tip – prep several days so it’s easy to make a good choice. Grilling is a way to add flavor without calories! I used ancho chili powder to make these delicious!

Day 3

It’s low calorie day 3 and things are going well. I had a bridal shower to attend for a friend today and I ate before I left and didn’t go off protocol! I was very proud of myself. Dinner was talapia and asparagus on the grill 145cal for both – I’ve been using ancho chili powder to add some flavor to my food. It was surprisingly delicious!

Meal prep for lunches this week is chili – lemon chicken, baby romaine salad with dressing made from apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, spices and one tbsp of strawberry juice with a little stevia to cut the bitterness of the vinegar. Oh and can’t forget my “croutons”- Melba toast. Mmmm.


Week 1 in Review

I have successfully completed 7 low calorie days of the HCG diet. And lost 11 lbs! And have 16 lbs to my goal weight. CRAZY!!! It’s going really well. My hunger only creeps up on me when it’s time to eat. Otherwise I really don’t feel hungry. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I have so many bad eating habits, grabbing a handful of this or that, even when I’m not hungry. I also eat my son’s leftovers which are often carb-rich foods. Having to stay on the plan had made me aware of this and I will continue to not graze after this phase is done.

Strategies I have employed to help curb hunger and promote weight loss include drinking lots of lemon water and 2-3 cups of black iced coffee. I make my iced coffee myself with a cold brewer. Sooooo yummy!

Other thoughts: I had sugar withdrawal the first 3 days – taking ibuprofen and caffeine helped a lot.

Spices and a food scale are a must for the HCG diet. I like to add approved spices to meat and vegetables for variety. You can give a meal an Italian or Mexican flare by adding the right spices. Yummmmm.

The food scale is easy to use and keeps me honest with myself. It makes Meal prepping quick and easy.

Jump Start Your Health with Our Clean Start Weight Loss Program!

Jump start your health today! In this article, we are going to discuss our “Clean Start” medical weight loss program – what it entails and how you can benefit!

Clean Start Package

With a hCG “Clean Start” medically supervised weight loss program you can lose up to 30 lbs in 40 days! Here is a list of everything included in our “Clean Start” package:

  • Medical History Review
  • Body Composition Assessment (BIA) — $250/value
  • Up to 43 day hCG program
  • “Clean Start Patient Package” (guide,cookbook, food journal, tips sheet)
  • Weekly check ups, measurements, chat (with staff)
  • Practice Patient Support (text, email, phone, Facebook)
  • 6 weeks of maintenance program support!
  • Metabolic testing at the end of program (RMR) — $250/value

Total collected fees for initial Assessment $1,199.00 value / Special Pricing $999 ($200/Savings).

What is HCG?

HCG is said to perform a metabolic recovery, when used with a low calorie diet patients experience NO HUNGER as hCG releases 1,500-4,000 calories into the body.

HCG is also said to break down body fat, causing rapid weight loss by mass even before registering on a scale. Simultaneously, it is said to protect the endogenous fat and muscle which the body needs to stay healthy, but also avoiding sagging and loose skin known of excessive of weight loss.


  • Metabolism boosting
  • Weight shedding
  • Medically supervised weight loss opportunity
  • Lose up to 30 lbs in 40 days!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Experts

At Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic, our medical weight loss specialists are trained to help you lose weight in an efficient and healthy way. We offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic options for patients throughout the Twin Cities. Contact us today to learn more about our Clean Start hCG medically supervised weight loss program.