The Many Benefits of Losing Weight with the Clean Start Program

According to a recent study, losing weight has been associated with quality of life improvement in 95% of patients, and n 89% reduction in 5-year mortality rates. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the physical benefits of losing weight.

Physical Benefits of Weight Loss

  • Migraines: 57% Resolved
  • Pseudotumor Cerebri: 96% Resolved
  • Dyslipidemia Hypercholesterolemia: 63% Resolved
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: 90% improved steatosis, 37% resolution of inflammation, 20% resolution of fibrosis
  • Metabolic Syndrome: 80% Resolved
  • Type II Diabetes Mellitus: 83% Resolved
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: 79% resolution of hirsutism, 100% resolution of menstrual dysfunction
  • Venous Stasis Disease: 95% Resolved
  • Depression: 55% Resolved
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: 74-94% Resolved
  • Asthma: 82% improved or resolved
  • Cardiovascular Disease: 82% risk reduction
  • Hypertension: 52-92% Resolved
  • GERD: 72-98% Resolved
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence: 44-88% Resolved
  • Degenerative Joint Disease: 41-76% Resolved
  • Gout: 77% Resolved

Try Clean Start Weight Loss

If you are ready to start realizing the benefits of weight loss, try the Clean Start program today to start seeing results! At Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatment options – both non-surgical and surgical. Dr. Daniel Schneider is a board-certified physician with years of experience treating patients in the Twin Cities area. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you lose weight. Our main office is located in St. Paul, but we work with patients throughout the state of Minnesota.

Kristi’s Story – The Clean Start Medical Weight Loss Program in Action!

Note: the following is a guest article by Riverview patient, Kristi Gavin about her experience with the Clean Start Medical Weight Loss Program.

The Clean Start Medical Weight Loss program at Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic is the best way to lose weight and KEEP it off.

I have tried several other weight loss programs in the past that had bars and shakes that the “counselors” heavily pushed during and after those programs. None of them ever taught me how to have continued success with eating REAL food and really educating me on the “bad habits” that can prevent me living a healthy lifestyle.

25 Pounds in 6 Weeks

Clean Start is a quick weight loss program, I lost just over 25 pounds in 6 weeks. It was amazing to see the weight drop off so rapidly. I ate REAL food the whole time – no shakes, bars or pre-made meals. The calorie restriction was balanced with the HCG injections and after the 6 weeks was over the maintenance is really SIMPLE.

I have always been someone who works out regularly and in my 20’s and 30’s this kept me in shape and I was able to eat what I wanted. But now that I’m in my 40’s working out alone doesn’t give me the same benefits. Since completing the Clean Start program I’m seeing my body changing in the ways I have always wanted it to, this weight loss program re-starts your metabolism so that your body is responds to diet and exercise the way it’s meant to. I feel stronger and have energy that I didn’t have before.

Twin Cities Cosmetic Clinic

At Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic, we provide cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to patients who want to look as young as they feel! If you’re looking for a surgical or non-invasive cosmetic treatment, we’ve got your covered! Dr. Daniel Schneider is a board-certified surgeon specializing in facial plastic procedures and cosmetics. Contact us today to learn more about our wide array of aesthetic offerings. You can find us at our main clinic, located in St. Paul. We also treat patients throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 5

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

The transition to phase 3 (which in my opinion is the most important and difficult part of the HCG diet- but also the most rewarding) has been better and easier than I anticipated. I decided to do 6 weeks of phase 3 to make sure my metabolism is set at my new weight. I have been successfully maintaining my weight and I have added more diverse foods into my diet and been able to re-enter social society. Some of the things I stressed about most were going out to a restaurant to eat, a weekend at the cabin, date night and a girls night out. I’ve done all four during Phase 3 with great success, and without feeling deprived.

What Did I Do? What Did I Eat?

I followed the rules in the protocol the best I could and didn’t stress out when food options weren’t perfect. I tried to plan my food ahead of time by checking menus and picking out what I would eat. This helps prevent “moments of weakness” while holding a restaurant menu.

While road tripping and going to the cabin I packed snacks like turkey jerky, sugar snap peas, berries and pork-rinds (no carbs). I chose an unwhich at Jimmy Johns as a healthier option. I’m learning more and more it’s all about balance.


Grilled Brussel sprouts, zucchini and salmon


Egg, cheese and chicken sausage omelet, guacamole and homemade salsa

Fried eggs, bacon and avocado salad. Drinking sparkling water and BCAAs (Branch chain amino acids).


Fried eggs, Gouda, bacon and sprouted grain bread


Honey sweetened green tea with tapioca, viola and lavender from Cafe Astoria.

What’s next on my weight loss/ maintenance? Exercise, a big vacation trip and attending 2 weddings. Stay tuned! Again, if you are ready to make a change, send a message! I feel amazing, so should you!

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 4

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

HCG – Week 1 of Phase 3

I have now been off HCG for 12 days and I’m really enjoying getting to eat a larger variety of foods. My greatest challenge thus far is eating enough. I have been keeping it pretty basic, simply adding a few new meats like salmon and lean pork as well as vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Things have been going well. I have maintained my weight and only cheated once when I ate 2 small low carb tortilla chips and guacamole. I then switched to dipping pork rinds in my guac. Delicious and no carbs! Note: must be eaten in small quantities.

I’ve also increased my activity and I feel amazing! Running is much easier on my joints and I have been slowly increasing my weights at the gym. I have so much energy, and my sleep has been very restful. Overall I feel great!


Buffalo cauliflower roasted in the oven. This will be a new go-to family favorite.

Flank steak and BBQ Brussel sprouts.

What I didn’t eat – frosted brownie


If you think you need a change and want something to jump start your weight loss, post below or send a private message. This program is worth it, it has simple rules that when followed yield great results.

Kim’s Journey with HCG Medical Weight Loss – Part 1

Note: this is part of a continuing guest blog series about Kim’s journey with HCG medical weight loss. Read Kim’s other entries here:

Hi! My name is Kim. I’m a 32 year old proud wife and mother. I work full time in healthcare and have let my weight creep up on me over the last 5 years (over 40 pounds of creeping)! Bad habits and lack of time for exercise have caught up with me. I want control over my eating habits, sugar addiction and weight! I need accountability and results! I met Dr. Schneider through work and he could not say enough about the results from HCG medical weight loss. Here, I’m going to document my journey with HCG medically supervised weight loss. My thoughts, feelings, challenges, meals, grocery shopping, the best and worst parts of this dietary change. Ask questions, and if you think this is for you reach out to Dr. Schneider and his amazing staff!

HCG Week 1 – Prepping 

Prepping for my first day P1D1 (phase 1, day 1). The first two days I get to eat whatever I want while the HCG starts to work.

I’m reviewing the “HCG bible” and prepping my shopping list.

Meal Prep

Today I went grocery shopping for the start of my low calorie phase. Fresh fruits and vegetables and natural/organic meats from HyVee. I portioned all of the meat into 100 g servings to make cooking easier.


Day 1

Day one of very low calorie lunch- halibut with lemon juice and approved spices. Baby romaine with Apple cider vinegar and garlic salt.

Spicy chicken – 100g per serving. Tip – prep several days so it’s easy to make a good choice. Grilling is a way to add flavor without calories! I used ancho chili powder to make these delicious!

Day 3

It’s low calorie day 3 and things are going well. I had a bridal shower to attend for a friend today and I ate before I left and didn’t go off protocol! I was very proud of myself. Dinner was talapia and asparagus on the grill 145cal for both – I’ve been using ancho chili powder to add some flavor to my food. It was surprisingly delicious!

Meal prep for lunches this week is chili – lemon chicken, baby romaine salad with dressing made from apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, spices and one tbsp of strawberry juice with a little stevia to cut the bitterness of the vinegar. Oh and can’t forget my “croutons”- Melba toast. Mmmm.


Week 1 in Review

I have successfully completed 7 low calorie days of the HCG diet. And lost 11 lbs! And have 16 lbs to my goal weight. CRAZY!!! It’s going really well. My hunger only creeps up on me when it’s time to eat. Otherwise I really don’t feel hungry. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I have so many bad eating habits, grabbing a handful of this or that, even when I’m not hungry. I also eat my son’s leftovers which are often carb-rich foods. Having to stay on the plan had made me aware of this and I will continue to not graze after this phase is done.

Strategies I have employed to help curb hunger and promote weight loss include drinking lots of lemon water and 2-3 cups of black iced coffee. I make my iced coffee myself with a cold brewer. Sooooo yummy!

Other thoughts: I had sugar withdrawal the first 3 days – taking ibuprofen and caffeine helped a lot.

Spices and a food scale are a must for the HCG diet. I like to add approved spices to meat and vegetables for variety. You can give a meal an Italian or Mexican flare by adding the right spices. Yummmmm.

The food scale is easy to use and keeps me honest with myself. It makes Meal prepping quick and easy.

The Benefits of Medically Supervised Weight Loss

It can be tough to lose weight on your own. Determining what to eat, appropriate exercises, and everything else can be frustrating and difficult. Medically supervised weight loss is an effective option for many people who want to lose weight but have been unable to do so on their own. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of medically supervised weight loss.

What is Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medically supervised weight loss is a customized weight loss program supervised by a qualified medical professional to help you lose weight. First, a medical professional can talk with you about your goals, what you’ve tried, and what has/hasn’t worked for you. With that information, you can work together to develop a diet, exercise, and weight loss routine that is uniquely suited to fit your needs.

Total Body Transformation

At Riverview Facial Plastic and Total Body Aesthetic, we offer a Total Body Transformation package that includes medically supervised weight loss, coupled with CoolSculpting and Exilis to reduce fat and tighten skin. This package can allow patients to lose up to a pound a day for the first month. Learn more about our Total Body Transformation medical weight loss program today by giving us a call.

St. Paul Medical Weight Loss Specialists

Interested in learning more about medically supervised weight loss? Contact the experts at Riverview Facial Plastic & Total Body Aesthetic! With more than a decade of experience treating patients in the Twin Cities, Dr. Daniel Schneider and his team are well-equipped to help you meet your weight loss goals. We offer surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. Dr. Schneider is a board-certified otolaryngology and facial plastic surgeon. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our St. Paul clinic – 651-493-8501.

3 Steps for Total Body Transformation

Struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts? You are not alone! Many of our patients who have previously struggled with weight loss, find great success with our medically supervised total body transformation process. In this article, we are going to discuss our 3 step process to completely transform your body into a healthier you!

Step 1 – Lose the Weight

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program consists of 23-40 days of medically supervised weight loss. It allows a CLEAN START to a healthy new YOU! Patients typically lose 0.5-1 pound per day.

Step 2 – Targeted Fat Elimination

The next step is CoolSculpting. Target unwanted stubborn fat with permanent fat freeze technology removal. This targets common problem areas, including:

  • Muffin top
  • Love handles
  • Double Chin
  • Bra fat
  • Thighs
  • Baby bulge
  • Banana roll

Step 3 – Tighten the Skin

Finally, Exilis 360 degree Ultrasound technology is applied to tighten and rejuvenate skin from head to toe. This allows for customizable face and body treatments for fat reduction and skin tightening simultaneously!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Clinic in St. Paul, MN

If you are struggling with weight loss, we have solutions that can help you achieve your goals. The total body transformation involves non-invasive, non-surgical procedures that can be performed over your lunch hour and have you back at work for the rest of your day. At Riverview Facial Plastic and Total Body Aesthetic, our medical weight loss specialists provide a wide range of weight loss options for patients. Our primary clinic is located in St. Paul, but we serve patients throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding Minnesota area. Give us a call today to learn more about our total body transformation package – 651-493-8501