Giving yourself a facial refresher and peeling a few years away is as simple as learning the difference between an eyelid and brow lift! Though, that might be more complicated than it seems. The eyelid and eyebrow are right beside one another; what really can be the difference between choosing to lift one over the other?

Well, both of these surgeries are so specifically carried out, so meticulously planned, that it really does matter which one you choose! The good news: one is definitely more suited for you than the other, and it is possible to have both procedures done at the same time, if necessary.

Eyes Change Over Time

You may be beginning to notice a difference in the way your facial skin sits. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear very young in most cases, and the sagging of facial skin seems to come overnight. Especially around the eyes, this sagging can give the impression of tiredness, age and unapproachability, all moods you do not want to convey with your resting face.

As facial muscles begin to weaken and skin is not producing as much collagen, it is natural for the skin around your brows and eyelids to become lax as well. You might notice extra skin on the outer edges of your eyelids or a misshapen brow not caused by your esthetician. These are both signs that you may want to consider a bit of a lift.

Eyelid Lift vs. Brow Lift

What really is the difference between an eyelid lift and a brow lift?

Eyelid lift (or blepharoplasty) is designed to peel back excess skin on the actual eyelid in order to open up the eyes and give an image of youth, vibrancy and brightness. An eyebrow lift tells a bit of a different story, as this surgery is meant to raise the skin just above the eyelid, reshaping the arch of the brow and allowing you to regain the facial structure that is natural to you.

To examine whether a brow lift is right for you, there is a quick trick. If you place your fingers on your brows and lift just your eyebrows toward your hairline, you might notice a positive change in the way your skin falls. This indicates that you may be experiencing enough sagging to warrant a brow lift as an option. If the skin you are concerned about is unchanged by lifting the brows, an eyelid lift may be a better option.

Am I a Candidate?

If you are concerned with your appearance because of extra skin around your eyes, an eyelid or brow lift may be right for you. While self-diagnosis has its merits, we always recommend scheduling a consultation with a trusted surgeon to bring some clarity to your decision. Dr. Schneider specializes in facial plastic surgery and has given Lilydale residents the highest quality results for years in the industry. Call us today to learn more about what Riverview can do for you: 651-493-8501.