Busy lives, especially around the holiday’s, call for quick facial rejuvenation methods that will let you treat your wrinkles without undergoing invasive surgery. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, many of our clients find stress wrinkles appearing around their neck, between their eyebrows and around the eyes. Wrinkles are supported by high levels of stress, poor diet and lifestyle activity that neglects proper skin care for men and women both, age, and our muscles produce them. Dr. Schneider can help you reduce the appearance of these engraved lines in the face where crow’s feet, glabellar lines, and neck bands dominate as time flies. The promise we make to our clients is that we can treat your wrinkles in under 30 minutes with our lunch-break special—Botox. No one will ever know you snuck off to Riverview to tend your premature aging signs.

Why it’s Becoming So Popular

Botox was invented in the late 80’s by two physicians, Jean and Alastair Carruthers. Jean had patients with blepharospasms so she injected them with botulinum toxin and their wrinkles vanished; her husband was a cosmetic doctor and thought his patients needed something like that so they started injections. Since then, men and women have sought out the injections to smooth over their frown lines, and it’s been the top cosmetic treatment since then. Why get a facelift or blepharoplasty (eyebrow) lift when all you need is a little boost? There are so many reasons to get Botox and why it’s the most popular noninvasive treatment out there. Here’s why:

It’s fast

This treatment is a quick one, which is why we offer it as a lunch-time treatment. We have our patients in and out of the office in under 30-minutes. With a comfortable treatment, you’ve never felt this good about a visit to the doctor’s office.

No recovery time, at all

As soon as you’re done with this Botox treatment, you can go on about your day. There’s no recovery time, no waiting for your skin to heal or anything. There’s no bruising or swelling or anything.

There are no restrictions on wearing makeup afterward

Because the injection is done with such a small needle and there are reactions to it or anything to recover from, you can wear makeup if you like as soon as you leave our office.

Your skin will look smooth and toned

The muscle is immobilized as soon as the injection sets into the skin. Many of our patients notice their fine lines and fold smooth over in a matter of minutes. Immediate results with Botox!

Botox looks natural if administered properly

Depending on your skin or how many wrinkles you want to be addressed, we change the doses for each client. You’ll never look overdone at Riverview. Most people can never tell you did injections.

It’s affordable

Contrary to what they say about Botox, it’s one of the most affordable treatments out there. We know everyone loves it and should benefit from wrinkle reduction since it’s fast, safe and effective.

No anesthetic

Most treatments require a topical anesthetic to set into the skin before treatment begins, but Botox injections are so small that you barely feel it. Plus they’re quick so no need for anesthetic!

The average amount of Botox units will depend on each client’s particular needs for smoothing over their wrinkled skin. We usually begin with 20 units, but this could increase to 40 if you need more treatment around the eyes and forehead. Call Riverview Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation for Botox and have it done right afterward at 651-493-8501.