We’ve all seen the food pyramid that is at its base, meats such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish and the like. This base is considered the original base of the food pyramid and the way nature had intended for us to eat. The next two sections that are side by side are vegetables and fruits, topped off with berries and nuts. The problem with this setup of the food pyramid is that we have the heaviest section of fat, protein and cholesterol at the bottom.

The New Food Pyramid

This section should be consumed in moderation, along with everything in our diet. There is now a new setup that completely changes the base and other formation of the food pyramid sections. This new change in the way the food pyramid is set up should give us a better idea of why we have experienced high rates of obesity and type II diabetes.

Vegetables and legumes take up more than three-quarters of it and one-quarter of the base are fruits. The following section up is completely stock full of grains such as rice, oats, quinoa, and bread. At the apex of the new food pyramid, the arrangement is one-half milk and cheeses, and the other half is, surprisingly, the previous base of lean meats and fish.

Benefits of the New Arrangement

Because we have such high levels of obesity and type II diabetes, the new arrangement of the food pyramid removes some of the main culprits at the core of the problem. This new arrangement helps us lower our overall risk of heart disease. Heart issues arise from high levels of sodium, cholesterol and saturated fats. When we turn to replace much of these foods with fruits and vegetables, we lower our consumption of calories and carbohydrates. We need carbohydrates; don’t remove them completely from your diet but practice moderation and balance.

Another benefit of consuming more plant-based foods is that we consume more vitamins and for those of us who don’t readily take vitamins then here is a perfect solution. To get the most out of our vegetables, it’s best not to cook them down too much since that takes all the vitamins right out. Upping our vitamin intake can help to boost our energy levels as well.

It may be that the new food pyramid setup is the answer to returning to healthier eating and living. But there are other factors that could be the issue since most people cooked at home, where they now eat out a few nights a week. Your activity level could change the way you consume each food group also depending on how intense the level of fitness. Try rearranging your own food pyramid at home and see how much better you feel once you replace some of the heavier foods with lighter and more components.